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Todd Brown, Inc. Complaint - SCAM - Massage Dashboard
Todd Brown, Inc. Complaint

Todd Brown, Inc. Complaint


SCAM - Massage Dashboard


I totally agree with the comments of the guy in the Chiropractic Dashboard & I am one unhappy member of your Massage Dashboard

This is the most poorly run programme I have ever had the misfortune to partake in. You boasted in your sales pitch how this customer service was the best in the Healthcare profession - you should rethink those words and change that statement. No wonder this Dashboard is getting slated in the Healthcare forums.

Look at my emails, look at my tickets, look at how many times I have contacted Live Support and still nobody gets off their butts and helps. You should be ashamed and you should take responsibility and sort it out.

I am seriously unhappy - but then again Kellie my non existent account Manager knows that and has done nothing to resolve this. I get told she will ring me for the 48 hour promised call - nothing. Repeatedly I get told she will call - nothing again. Its been several weeks now Todd - was your sales pitch one big exaggeration?

I am so annoyed at the lack of Customer Support. In your sales pitch Todd, you claimed how this customer support was the best in entire Healthcare profession. You need to re-thing your words and to change that statement. I have never come across anything so un professional and poorly run. Account MANAGER? Get real she would not last 5 minutes in my business - she promises the world and delivers ZERO

I vented my frustration in the forum - and guess what, the following day only my post had been removed. What is this - Big Brother? I belong to other programmes online Todd, and they all have direct access to the main people to sort out issues. You hide behind your useless customer support staff. They tell me that they inform you of these issues - but I get no correspondence from you or any other person. you should really be ashamed of how this is run Todd - seriously

I don't expect a reply - why should I? I am only paying you money each month - how inconsiderate of me

Hide behind your curtains Todd

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gibsonhanks says: (6 years ago)
Wow a buddy of mine was telling me about this guy Todd Brown and how he was going to build his business to well over 6 figures per month for a small monthly fee. My first thought was WHAT? If this guy could build you a business that brings in the much, why isn't he doing it himself? Not only that, why would he gravel with a few hundred bucks per month? The reason...is because he just wants your money. Anyway I thought I would do a little investigating and I didn't have to look far to find a lot of negative feedback. I will definitely let my friend know not to waste his money on this guys schemes.

massagecrapboard says: (8 years ago)
All these comments are true. The massage business dashboard is not all that Todd Brown claims. Todd Brown is a business man looking to make money period. You can learn more by going to your library and reading books on marketing and business. Dan Kennedy has good books as well as Bill Glazer. Todd Brown basically uses the same principles and sells it to us at a high price. The dashboard is useless. Most of the emails that are generated from the dashboard go the the recipients spam box. Your better off using another autoresponder and making your own emails and customer lists. Todd Brown's support is a joke, so don't think you will ever get any money back and the phone number is a call center that takes messages. He will never call you back. Save your money and time. Stay away from all Todd Brown offers. As good as they may sound, it's all hype.

Almostsuckered says: (8 years ago)
Wow. I almost gave him my credit card number today for the free 30 day trial period. And when I had to give out my credit card for a "free" 30 day trial period the light bulb came on. After doing a google search on Todd Brown massage dashboard I found this and have realized this is nothing more than a quick get rich scheme for Todd. He may have put a lot of thought into the marketing and development of this thing, but it appears that like every other business out there today, it's all about the bottom line and nothing about the people who write the checks they take to the bank. Enjoy your four hour work week, Todd. I won't be one of your suckers.

bandman1 says: (8 years ago)
Fellow Docs. I do have a fax number for Todd Brown, if anyone needs it. It is 561-964-2816. I think we should collectively sue to get our money back. That which is owed to us. Let me know what you think.

tdavis212 says: (9 years ago)
We have been trying to cancel from the Carpet Cleaning Dashboard system since July. Every month our credit card is charged $97. We call the support number and all you get is a recording telling you to leave a message and someone will call you back within 24 to 48 hours. Not true. No one has ever called us back. Ever. I finally reported the charges to our credit card company. I just want them to stop. I finally got a response from the "customer support" website. The person sending the response acted like I was lying about trying to cancel for 3 months and is a complete moron. This company is someone that I would NEVER EVER do business with again EVER.

Golfingirl says: (9 years ago)
I agree and couldn't agree more. This program is a scam... i have called several times today and tried to use the online service which is not working and no one has called me back... I can't get an answer one way or another. What is up with this - Where is the sate of FL when you need them - Todd Brown and his assistants should be thrown in jail for something so terrible. All of the monies collected should be sent back to the people who tried this dashboard. I want to cancel my subscription and don't know how to do it....O so unhappy

NatalieInnella says: (9 years ago)
Todd- this is BS

NatalieInnella says: (9 years ago)

DrVega says: (9 years ago)
So I'm reading one of the daily marketing-psych emails explaining why I shouldn't pass up on this wonderful opportunity, you know- the ones where someone else is doing better than you, and you'd be an idiot to not spend money for this program... and I see the following line "the Massage Business Dashboard executes all of those money-making systems for you, you don't have to worry about doing anything yourself.". Then while reviewing their disclaimer (you need to go to the bottom of the website page and look for the teeny/tiny lettering) whereupon the reader is welcomed to THIS contradiction: "THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL EARN ANY MONEY USING THE TECHNIQUES AND IDEAS IN THIS PACKAGE." further down... "ANY AND ALL FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENTS HERE OR ON ANY OF OUR MATERIALS OR OUR SALES MATERIAL ARE INTENDED TO EXPRESS OUR OPINION OF EARNINGS POTENTIAL. MANY FACTORS WILL BE IMPORTANT IN DETERMINING YOUR ACTUAL RESULTS AND NO GUARANTEES ARE MADE THAT YOU WILL ACHIEVE RESULTS SIMILAR TO OURS OR ANYBODY ELSE’S, IN FACT NO GUARANTEES ARE MADE THAT YOU WILL ACHIEVE ANY RESULTS FROM OUR IDEAS AND TECHNIQUES IN OUR PACKAGE."

Hmmm, no guarantees? then what's THIS suppossed to imply? "The Massage Business Dashboard does this by getting you new clients and increasing your income every week - week after week after week. Frankly, it was designed to make you money while giving you more and more free time and autonomy to enjoy your life." It implies the process is automatic and independant.

I guess that's legalese for you.

Thanks for the heads up!

gioia says: (10 years ago)
For those people for whom the Massage Dashboard has been helpful in building business, I am happy.

For me, it has been a total waste of money. I agree with the above comment that the customer service is terrible. When I cancelled recently I had about 15 (!) outstanding customer support tickets.

From what I can tell the customer support "team" is two people, neither of whom are easy to get a hold of. In addition, neither seem to work full time and of the many hours I spent navigating the system, the online customer service chat button was only available three times. In their defense, I get the sense the Dashboard customer service is completely understaffed and the two ladies who are working in the "department" are completely overwhelmed.

As a paying customer who'd been promised great customer service,
I was sorely dissapointed.

With regard to my own business, my clients found my own Web site much more relevant and the Dashboard Website got very little traction. The 2 (yes only 2) people who found my Dashboard Website on their own were clearly looking for a different kind of massasge than I offer, as apparent by their usernames.

The first month I had the service the newsletter which is said to go out around the 15th did not go out until the 22nd. The 2nd month, the Healthy Insider audio clip which is supposed to go out around the 7th did not go out at all. To me, it felt like one glitch after another that I had to follow up on, nothing like the "Dashboard does the work for you" promise that you receive in the sales pitch.

DavidRoylance says: (10 years ago)
I 100% agree with everything people are saying about how BAD the Massage Business Dashboard really is. I am also a user and its been the most painful experience of my life. http://www.MassageBusinessDashboard.com

I will not list out all the issues I've had and support cases logged with no resolution. It would take up an entire book/hard drive to document it all. Do yourself a favor, stay away from this service and Todd Brown's products in general. Its all hype and not results.

pamperingyou2 says: (10 years ago)
At last you personally reply to any of my queries.

You said that you do not have a forum on the Massage Dashboard..I suggest you re read your sales letter for the Massage Dashboard and you will see you clearly boast about it. I have been having no end of problems with the set up of the Dashboard and have asked Kellie (my account manager) to get you to reply and to sort these uissues out. I get no reply whatsoever (that explains the hides behind a curtain comment)

The Forum on the Massage Dashboard you have aptly named the Chiropractic Forum for some strange reason that Kellie cannot explain to me. In fact I have an email explaining why my comments were removed from this Forum - so why you prtend there is not one baffles me.

All I have wanted you to do Todd is explain why the sales letter selling the Dashboard is nothing like the reality. Most of the things you boast about in the sales letter do not work and the "World class Support" is atrocious. Just look at the amount of emails I have sent and how many replies I get - plus take a close look at how long it takes to get a reply, if I get one at all.

In fact the latest email was sent 12 dayss ago - still no reply despite a follow up email sent 2 days ago.

Todd, I have no doubt if all the problems I have encountered (these are all fully documented with Kellie) were to be remedied I am sure the Massage Dashboard will be a success - but when your customers complain and they get zero or near zero help it does not make you or your company look good.

And as for saying that I can cancel at anytime tells me alot - artent you telling youe therapists how to keep customers, yet you instantly want to lose them before even trying to find out why they are so unhappy.

I would love you to exchange emails with me to sort out all the issues I have faced. Surely as a client of yours that is not too much to ask...is it?

ToddBrown says: (10 years ago)
Hey there... sorry to hear you're unhappy with the Massage Business Dashboard. Not sure at all what you mean when you say "hide behind a curtain" or that you posted something to a forum and it was removed. We don't run a forum.

You can certainly cancel anytime you'd like. As well, all customer support goes through www.quickcustomersupport.com. That's our Support Suite.

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